Kindergarten Graduation

 Our sweet Noah graduated from Kindergarten last Friday, which means we have a 1st Grader on our hands!  We were all there soaking up the celebration, complete with little tasseled caps, Pomp & Circumstance, songs, sign language, slide shows, 
and the big question:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" 

Noah's answer: a scientist

I had a blast putting together a Dr. Seuss themed class graduation party.
I decided to decorate with red, white and teal pom poms and paper bag flowers
to hang throughout the classroom (inspired by this gal, tutorial by Martha Stewart here and here). I didn't get a pic of them at the school, but snapped a few as I prepared them at home.  Since Noah's class has improved by leaps and bounds with their reading skills this year, I decided to make each of the kiddos a bookmark with their name on it to remind them to keep reading this summer.  Not sure how enthused they were with my little favors, but I sure had fun making them.  :) We had a bucket full of goldfish crackers, lots of bright, Seuss-colored plates, napkins and such, and THE most incredible cake 
(take a peek below--seriously, AWESOME). 


This is Miss Jenn.  She made the adorable cake for Baby Goo's Sprinkle, and is responsible for this amazing feat of fantastical cake creations:


Jenn--you are my cake makin' hero, girl!!  You totally outdid yourself--THANK YOU!

*Side Note:  I have been known to Cake Boss it up on Netflix every now and then as I'm bumping around the house picking up.   I didn't think Noah and Mason really paid much attention to the show, but as we were cleaning up Noah's classroom after the party, I overheard Noah and Mason talking to each over by the cake.  Noah says to Mason, "Look at this," excitedly pointing to one of the green eggs.  Mason says, "Yeah, that's fon-DONT!" with extra emphasis on the "DONT," just like the guys on Cake Boss pronounce it.  Too funny.  Jenn, we've decided you're the Cake Boss of CO.  :) 

Adam and I were super nervous to send Noah off to Elementary School this year, but his dear, sweet teacher, Mrs. P, made the transition so smooth and calmed this mama's worrying heart.  

And last but not least, a clip of the song that Noah
warned me ahead of time would make this mama cry.  
Probably something only a mama would get emotional about, but he was right.  :) 

Noah Bean, we are SO very proud of you!  
Can't wait to see what the Lord has for you in 1st Grade!!


polkadot said...

You are right I'm about to flip a Lid over here---cutesy party EVER your the most creative mama I know I'm loving every second of it!!! Can I copy for finn's parrrtay?!? Adore!!

Sucré Dolce said...

Do you happen to have a printable template of the bookmarks you made that you'd be willing to share? Those would be perfect as favors for my son's birthday party!

Marisa said...

Hi there, Miss Carrie! Unfortunately I no longer have the template I put together for the bookmarks (lost some things when I moved the storage around on our computer). :( I know there are lots of printables out there...Dr. Seuss sure is a popular theme! Hope your son has a wonderful birthday (loved your Mixed-Up Chameleon cake, by the way!). Happy planning!


Karen Bader said...

what font is that u used on the book mark?

Marisa said...

Miss Karen, I used Century Gothic font for the main part of the quote on the bookmarks with "read" in American Typewriter. :) Hope that helps!

Julie Jakubowski said...

Hi, do you have the final size of the bookmark and happen to know what size punch you used for the piece with their name on it? LOVE these and trying to replicate for daughter's graduation.

Marisa said...

Hey, Julie! The final bookmark size was 3.5 x 8, and I used a 1.5 inch circle punch for the names. I hope that helps! Congrats on your soon-to-be Kindergarten grad! :) Way to go, mama!

Julie Jakubowski said...

Thank you so much! They grow up way too quick!! Your fabulous party has inspired me.

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